Caravaggio, "The Inspiration of St. Matthew"

Here is my dream list of things I’d like to write about in the future. I will write so as to gain immense fame and wealth, of course, so that I can eventually coast on my prior achievements and contribute nothing.

  • A biography of Hans Urs von Balthasar
  • A book on penance
  • An article/book on T.S. Eliot’s concept of time
  • An article/book on the Our Father
  • An article that explodes Balthasar scholarship (that’d just be fun – and it might come soon, so I can’t talk about it)
  • A book on 1930’s European Catholicism (not fun, but sober and perhaps necessary)
  • A book of my own poetry (that’ll never happen)
  • Many books of poetry, followed by the renewal of Catholic literature (both seem depressingly unlikely)
  • Several articles that show the persistence and development of Scriptural language in Catholic theology
  • Something on Gregory of Nyssa. That guy is awesome.
  • Something on Thomas Aquinas. Also awesome.
  • A book that resuscitates interest in the Catholic poet Roy Campbell.
  • A book that stomps on all those people who don’t understand the way John Donne uses very ancient mystical images in his poetry. Maybe I’ll stomp on everyone; maybe just the John Donne people.
  • Which reminds me that I’ve read all of John of the Cross’s work, and yet have never put that to use. Probably should.
  • Speaking of poets: I would like to translate Thérèse of Lisieux’s poems into good English.
  • I’d also like to translate Rainer Maria Rilke into good English. They’ll never let me, though, because I keep trying to destroy his pantheism.
  • A theology exploring Mary as Co-redemptrix (evil laugh!)
Those are not all of my ideas – in case you have comforted yourself with the thought the silliness will someday end – and I am sure I won’t get to write about half the things I think I will, and will be shoved into other projects. But hey, I can dream. How about you?