Purgatorio Canto 1, Gustave Doré

I am going to be running a little reading group on sections of Dante Alighieri’s Purgatorio from the Divine Comedy during Lent this year. The goal is to see the text as a spiritual help and source of reflection during the Lenten season, a place to form and ask questions about the spiritual life, sin, and redemption. It will help us to locate the importance of penance, and thus also Lent, in Christian spiritual life. In other words, our journey through Purgatorio will assist us in the journey through Lent.

The space here will serve to review my own notes on the topics in the hopes of allowing for others to join in reflection across distances. The reading group and my reflections are not identical – I will not be posting about our actual discussions – but I hope nevertheless to facilitate something like it on the Internet, and my personal notes for either venture will be outlined similarly.

I will be notifying you of our basic plans if you want to follow along. If you desire more commentary or if you have any questions for me, feel free to contact me.