Camille Corot, “Dinan, a gate of a town”

Sometimes people read this website. Of this mystery, I cannot speak. Still, I can at least update the site so that people are less confused about who I am when they stumble here.

I could also update the aesthetic of the site to be less…scowl-y.

So I have decided to do one of those things, and I updated the author information (About the Author; Curriculum Vitae).

These do not add much except accuracy – unless you are dying for a copy of my very first paper presentation, in which case you and I will both be wondering where it went. The major change in my life is that I received a full-time post at St. Mary’s College of California. These folks are very interesting, and there is much to learn about them, including their website’s love of many bright colors. My department will be Theology and Religious Studies. I think they are awesome.

I will be an Assistant Professor of Catholic Systematic Theology, tenure-track. What is that?

(1) Assistant Professor – full-time faculty member at a college or university, without tenure

(2) Catholic Systematic Theology – essentially, this field is a theoretical and philosophical approach to modern Catholic theology and doctrine; my specialized territory is organized around the very brilliant and very dead theologian Hans Urs von Balthasar; my course teaching focuses on grasping the essentials of Catholic theology in a modern context

(3) Tenure-track – hey! I could get tenure someday!

I feel blessed and I am eager to begin. I am in a funny mood. None of it seems real. I am anxious to leave, get going.

Enjoy the scowl on Bernini’s David for at least a while longer, Internet.